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Calgary Coffee Shops

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

Welcome back everyone! Anyone else happy that the weather is deciding to grace us with warmth?! I do love my cold days because that means that coffee and sweaters are needed, plus the snow is so pretty, but it will be nice to embrace the summer this year after the winter we've had here. I thought today would be a great day to write a blog that talks about not only my favourite coffee shops in Calgary, but also which ones are great for: studying/working, meeting up with friends/coworkers, and where to take your clients if you want to impress them! These are in no particular order, so these are not ranked in favourite or least favourite; they all make coffee which means they are all equally beautiful and wonderful!

Let's start with

1. Lukes Drug Mart (Specifically the one in the Central Library)

Just a disclaimer: this is the only photo that I did not take so this is courtesy of google images, but everything else is taken by moi. I did mean to take a photo of my food and coffee except this was on the one time I never got coffee (gasp!). I've heard they have amazing coffee, but it was a hot day and I wanted a La Croix (extra points to them for having La Croix). If you cannot tell by this photo, Lukes has such a beautiful inside that if you met a client here and bought them coffee or lunch, they will feel so special that you took them somewhere as nice as this!

2. Analog

I love Analog coffee and the atmosphere at their cafe! This is a beautiful venue to meet up with a client (maybe even a nice casual first date!), and their coffee is phenomenal! I love their mocha, and if you want a really delicious food item get their ham and cheese croissant. I'm telling you, your life will change once you have their ham and cheese croissant. They also have a bechamel sauce in the croissant that will send you to the moon with delight!

(Take a shot of espresso every time I say croissant)

3. Baya Rica Cafe

If you want a great ethically sourced coffee shop to go to, Baya Rica is the cafe for you! Their coffee is from Costa Rica and it is so good. Also some more bonus points: they have vegan/gluten free options and free parking! Free parking is always rare to find with coffee shops in Calgary. They also have outdoor seating so on a nice warm sunny day you can enjoy the outdoors! This coffee shop is very quiet so it makes it perfect for studying or catching up on some work; also great for a nice one-on-one meeting so you can hear each other properly.

4. Starbucks

Because what is a coffee shop blog without having good ole Starbucks in it? There's not much to say about Starbucks that no one knows so I'll just let this beautiful photo of the Unicorn frappe and the mountains speak for itself.

5. Gravity: Espresso and Wine Bar

The fun atmosphere at this coffee shop is amazing for a fun night out with friends/coworkers or meeting up with some clientele for a celebratory drink/appetizers! As you can see in the photo they have (phenomenal) charcuterie boards! You get to pick 3 meats and 3 cheeses and they bring it out with some crackers and spreads that really tie the whole board together! They also have live music every week that only costs $5-10 for cover charge and let me tell you they have amazing artists play each week. I would definitely suggest to grab their cafe dolce; it has caramel in their espresso shot which adds a nice sweetness to the drink. They also have a selection of beer and wine, plus cheesecake in a jar, so what's not to love!

6. Rosso Coffee

Talk about a cozy environment to work in! It has such a relaxing aesthetic to it that makes you feel ready to go full steam ahead on your emails and studying. Their sweet latte and mocha are my usual go-to's so I definitely recommend them! I love their locations on 8 ave and 17 ave; 17 ave has a cute industrial feel to it, and 8 ave is right across the street from the Olympic Plaza so you can enjoy your coffee outside enjoying the fountains and flowers.

7. Philosafy

Another aesthetically pleasing coffee shop... but then again which ones aren't? This coffee shop can sometimes be hard to find seating and room for your notes or laptop, but it is definitely worth it to get there before the rush and plant a spot. They have a delicious array of pastries as well, as well as cold drinks to enjoy on a hot summer's day.

8. Monogram

I absolutely love the locations of the Altadore and Britannia, they are both cozy, quaint, adorable, and homey! Plus great coffee! The Britannia location also has their ice cream and some cold drinks like kombucha that in the summer will be amazing to enjoy. It's funny because I am actually typing this blog out in the Altadore location right now! It is a great and quiet place to work alone on your projects and homework. Make sure to grab one of their special pour overs because their coffee is to die for! Also super photogenic so taking photo shoots with your coffee so it's perfect!

9. Phil & Sebastian

My two favourite locations are the Marda Loop and 8 ave, and you would know why if you've seen the inside! The 8 ave location has lots of plants and greenery that really ties the whole place together and is super easy on the eyes! It is also amazing for the 'gram photos (I've taken many photos in this coffee shop and it's great). Marda Loop is an adorable community as well so take your coffee on a walk and enjoy! Phil & Sebastian is another coffee shop that will impress your client and make them feel special that you wanted to take them to such a beautiful coffee shop!

If you have any more favourite coffee shops in Calgary please (PLEASE) leave a comment here/facebook/instagram because we would LOVE to know, and I'm sure everyone else would love to know some more options.

I hope you all have a fantastic week or weekend, whenever you are reading this, and I will see you all next time!



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