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Coffee With J

Welcome to Coffee With J!

For those of you who do not know me, my name is Callista Elias, and I work at Event-Full Elements; I have worked here since the very dawn of time when this company started.

Disclaimer: Yes I realize it is called Coffee With J, and I don't exactly have a J in my name. However, it is a part of the J Group created by Junella Weiss (the J behind it all) and no worries, I will not be the only one you hear from on this site!

I like to use exclamations marks, LOVE weddings and love and soul mates and everything gushy, and my humour is mostly in the form of sarcasm, made up songs, and side quotes like this one (whenever you are in doubt if I am making a joke, I probably am and it was just not as funny as I thought it would be). I also love all things that pertain to performing, ie, acting, dancing, singing, and yes I will most likely quote a few movies that no one will get but that's the joy of life! Because being around all different kinds of people is what helps us grow in love, patience, kindness, and our life experience. Oh, and I also LOVE people! I am a people person through and through. If I was an animal I'd be a dog, which is great because I also love dogs.

Well.... now that you know a little bit about the person behind the computer screen, let's talk about Coffee With J!

We have a radio show starting up soon that will feature Junella (J), myself (C is not cool enough to go by itself so you can call me Calli. Or Callista. Or as the other girl, if you'd prefer that), and also from time to time we will have a special guest with us sharing their thoughts and opinions. The radio show is the main core of Coffee With J; it's that certain amount of time you get to sit back with a coffee, tea, or wine (it's 5 o'clock somewhere right?), and get to listen about the subjects close to our hearts and to your hearts! 

This is not just for business talk. I mean, we will be incorporating business into our talks, but this is a lifestyle blog/radio show as well! We want to incorporate anyone and everyone who wants to listen so don't worry about this being a podcast placed inside one box. As you can tell by the many companies within Event-Full Elements we love to venture out and try different things so that we can connect to different people with different walks of life. Life is too short to be surrounded by one group/style of person, am I right? That's the reason we are all so unique with different cultures and backgrounds!

Oh and last but not least! I will also be sharing random thoughts/beauty tips/reviews on this blog to shake it up once in a while from the radio show. Junella does also have her own blog where she talks about her life experience and what she's learned along the years over on For our avid readers out there, we got you!

So! Make sure to keep your eyes, and your ears, peeled for when we do our first radio show because they are going to be pretty fantastic if I do say so myself. And share with a friend, life is better enjoyed with someone by your side.



P.S. If there is a certain topic you'd like us to talk about simply send us an email, a message on facebook, comment on a photo or a blog, write it in the air with one those cool airplanes! We want to hear from YOU and connect with people as best as we can.

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