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Day in Banff

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

Hello again!

Who else LOVES going to Banff? It is seriously so beautiful and the views there never cease to amaze me every time I go.

I especially love checking out new restaurants and coffee shops that I've never tried before, and looking back at my photos I realized I should share some for anyone visiting Banff.

The first one I want to mention is The Juniper Bistro. It's inside The Juniper hotel just across the highway from Banff, and not only do you have the most gorgeous view of the mountains, the food is also amazing!

I without a doubt always get eggs Benedict but I went out of my comfort zone that day and got their stuffed french toast. Assembled sort of like a sandwich, there are grilled apples and brie in the middle, with candied nuts along the outside with some blackberries and blueberries. I was a little weary about the brie since I'm not accustomed to eating cheese with sweet things like syrup, but it honestly brings everything together so nicely!

This was definitely one of the greatest meals I've had at a restaurant. So delicious and the staff were so friendly!

There are two coffee shops that I've tried and loved in Banff, and the first one has the cutest name ever, Little Wild Coffee. How cute? Just on the main drag in Banff inside one of the malls.

The decor inside was so simple but so cute, 100% what I love in a coffee shop. They also had locally made kombucha, and if there is anything I love (liquid wise) as much as coffee or La Croix, it's kombucha.

The second coffee shop that I love in Banff is called Whitebark. I don't know why I don't have pictures of the actual coffee from these two places- but just picture the most beautiful latte art but times it by about 10 and that's what they have on their coffee.

Also just on the main drag in Banff, but instead of a mall it is in the same building as a hotel, so it's perfect if you need to stay overnight and need a perfect cappuccino to start your morning with 2 minutes! My absolutely favourite drink from both of these coffee shops is a mocha with soy milk.

*Wasn't so sure about how the transition from whole milk to soy would be, but I don't find it too sweet, it creates a nicer blend with the espresso, and also my system can't handle milk as good anymore so I didn't really have a choice.*

The day that I took all of these photos was super rainy in the morning, but luckily for us cleared up in the afternoon, and I was able to get a snap of the mountains. This photo was taken in the park just west of the bridge that leads to the hot springs, right next to all the main shopping malls.

If you have ever been to one of these coffee shops or to The Juniper, let me know what you got and how you liked it! Also disclaimer- this sounds like a very sponsored post but sadly it is not.

Second disclaimer- if anyone owns a coffee shop and wants to sponsor me, I would not object. I love coffee in all of its forms, and I am not afraid to be made fun of just to get the right shot of your coffee, so hit me up!

Anywho! That is all from me today. Make sure to catch up on all the posts as they are slowly increasing and it'll be harder in the future to binge read them. And comment wherever you were sent from and just say hey, we love a good chat with nice people.



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