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First Day of School

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

Ah the first day of school; new outfit laid out on the dresser, fresh school supplies not yet lost or damaged, and that was usually the only day I actually packed a decent lunch for myself. I remember this photo like it was yesterday because it was the first day of high school! I was a bit scared because I had to find my way around a larger school than I was used to, and there were a lot of people (to me) to try and scramble around to get to class. It was great though! I love school, and have always loved school.

I don't start up school (university) again until next week, but most schools are back this week already! I love this time of year with it's fresh start for the school year, and also PSL in Starbucks comes out today so you best believe I'm treating myself after I write this.

However, I realize that not everyone likes school which is totally understandable especially after the amazing summer we have had, so I thought I'd share my favourite(and embarrassing) memories from school to bring some hope to people!

1. I've been a lover of school since before I even started. The year before I went to kindergarten, I watched my brothers leave and told my mom I wanted to go. Of course she said no since I still had a year left, so when the opportunity came, I quickly strapped on some shoes and booked it across the street. My school was literally right across the road so luckily my mom saw me, and found me at the principals office where I had tried to convince them to enrol me in class.

2. Grade 6 and grade 7 were the years I met my three best friends, and I never thought that my enjoyment of school could get better until I met them (cheesy, I know, but still). However I distinctly remember me telling my one friend to be quiet or we'll get in trouble (like we usually did) and of course the teacher never saw her goofing around, she just saw me talking and I got moved across the room to the only desk not in a group because of it. She was easy to forgive and we laugh about it now, but I was so annoyed.

3. High school was 100% my best school memories(also the only ones I properly remember) mostly because of Drama and Dance class. I was and still am a drama nerd! I love the rush of opening night when you stand on stage in the dark waiting for the lights to come on and to deliver that first line (or song because I was in musicals). I literally still get chills thinking about it! (Told you, I'm a forever drama nerd). The best part was working alongside friends although we were constantly messing around with props and getting shushed.

4. Greece trip! My high school had an overseas trip every two years and in grade 11 we went to Greece for a 5 day cruise and to explore Athens and the surrounding area. This was honestly the greatest thing ever especially since I had most of my close friends on that trip and I got to room with them! We did fight a few times, however this story that I am about to share brought us together. It was the time when we almost put a lady's life in danger. Let me explain.

My friend had bought a couple bags of candied nuts and we found out on our last day that we couldn't bring them back through customs. So being the genius' we were we started to eat them, but there were a few bags so we went around the hotel and gave them to just about everyone on the trip. One of the last few people we gave them to informed us that one of the mom's was deathly allergic to peanuts, and that even being within a few feet of them can make her sick.

So we threw the rest away, and very aggressively washed our hands and brushed our teeth because she was in the same bus as us for our last tour and we had to leave right then to board it. So we get on the bus and she sits down right across from my friends and I, and we realize that over 3/4 of the bus had eaten said peanuts and did not know about her allergy. No one had thought to wash their hands like we did so we spent that hour long bus ride in pure terror that something would happen. And we probably creeped her out because we kept looking at her double checking she was fine. Thankfully she was, but we kept our distance from her.

Anyways! Those are just a few memories from school that I look back at and feel truly blessed that I have them. I am so thankful to have been raised in a country where we can all get the chance to go to school and be educated. That is something I wished I would have never taken advantage of, but I now know the true extent of how amazing that is.

May the first day of school for everyone go smoothly and without a hiccup! Or at least without a major disaster.

I will talk to you all next time!



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