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Fun Fall Times YYC

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

Hello everybody!

I hope your fall is amazing so far (fall started officially on September 22nd), so before Winter starts on December 21st, let's talk about some fun things that either I or others are looking forward to this fall!

I will be splitting this into two sections, the first family friendly, and the second more just for adults! There's not a whole lot for the 'just for adults' section, but if you are new to Calgary it's just nice to know what to avoid if you wish to not scar your children. Autumn is such a beautiful time, my absolute favourite so let's get into this!

Family Friendly:

1. This is the cheapest and easiest... go for a walk! This is definitely the best time to go for a quick little hike or walk since it's not too hot so you won't be sweating everywhere. And, if you care for a little photoshoot with the gals (or boys), the colours everywhere create the perfect background, and I personally find cloudy days are the perfect since you don't have to worry about squinty eyes or weird shadows. Also... we live near the mountains! Nothing is more breathtaking (steep inclines yo) than the mountains covered with dark green evergreens and colourful trees, and the tips lightly dusted with snow.

Ex. Fish Creek is gorgeous, and Chester Lake hike near Canmore is easy enough with views for days.

2. Corn Maze! It's definitely more towards the end of the season so be quick, but there is always so much fun with these! My favourite one would be Calgary Corn Maze, and in October they have a pumpkin festival which sounds like the sweetest thing ever! They have lots of little things do to there so even if the corn is not fun to play around, you can entertain the little ones with some games. They do close October 28th though so get there quick!

3. Christmas Market! There are a few:

-Curated Holiday Market opening in November in Deerfoot City

-Calgary Night Market only open on the weekends in November in Eau Claire Market

-Spruce Meadows Christmas Market is my all time fave! Only open for 3 weekends through November/beginning of December over off Stoney Trail at Spruce Meadows

4. Kayben Farms! Even as an adult I love Kayben Farms. It is between Calgary and Okotoks, and they have an Autumn Jubilee through September and October so make sure to check out their website to find out deets!

Just For Adults:

1. Oktoberfest. You might want to jump on quick though because it happens this Saturday October 6, on 10th ave. Tickets are only $10 and there is a bunch of things to do there! Live music, prizes, craft beer, food, need I say more? There are few more Oktoberfests you could check out, but we think this one sounds most promising so check it out!

2. ScreamFest. This is their 13th and FINAL year. On for only 13 days which is every weekend and they have an adults only night on Thursday the 25th. I have been once, and let me tell you it's definitely a scream fest! Don't worry it's not like those crazy ones in the US, they can't legally touch or harm you here. The haunted houses definitely range from eh to terrifying so if you need to give your heart a break but still want to check out the decor, you totally can!

3. Train of Terror. Aspen Crossing looks like they have the cutest little train rides in the Alberta prairies and one I've been dying (get it? Dying lol) to try is the Train of Terror! If you make it through the freight cars, there is a fun little party on the last car with food and drinks to purchase. This is a bit steeper in price, but I've never seen anything like this so this might be the year I check it out!

There are definitely LOTS to do in Calgary this fall, but these were simply just the ones that either have caught my eye in the past and I've wanted to check out, or I have checked them out and loved!

If you have anymore recommendations that I might have missed please let everyone know but commenting either here, on facebook, or instagram! Also make sure to catch up on the previous blog posts and share it with your friends, family, colleagues, enemies, or neighbours.

I will talk to you guys very soon and have a great day!



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