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Get Infused

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

You've probably seen on tv shows or heard from friends about like cucumber infused water at a spa to help you get more hydrated after an intense spa treatment. I have always been TERRIBLE for drinking water, no joke no trying to make this more funny or interesting; I am those memes where it says like I drink more iced coffee than water. I do. Which is terrible, but I'm getting better!

Something that really helps me stay hydrated is infused water. I don't know why but having that extra flavour honestly helps because than it is not as boring. Yes yes I know, the benefits from drinking water are amazing so it shouldn't be boring, but it is!

It is also almost summer and if you are wanting cool, refreshing, delicious, and healthy drink choices, infused water is perfect!

So I thought that I'd share with you (if you've never tried before) my favourite infused waters that also have great benefits with the fruit and herbs used!

*Disclaimer*: Trying to figure out the whole getting photos from my phone to my computer (I'm not techie) so these photos are from google lol I typically don't use as much fruit since that's a waste and these photos are just for aesthetic so you can use less than what is shown.

1. Lemon and mint: This one is actually currently sitting next to me, I just filled it up today. I love this combination because you have the sour taste from the lemon and the sort of sweet taste from the mint. Also it smells like a mojito when you combine them which is honestly such a beautiful smell!

Lemon is such a great detox and helps with weight loss! It also gives your body natural electrolytes, as well as vitamin C which helps give you energy when you are on a diet.

Here's a tip for the mint! Smack it against your palm to release the full scent and flavour of it.

Lemon & Mint

2. Cucumber water: The infamous cucumber water!

Cucumber contains an anti-inflammatory flavonol called "fisetin" which helps to improve brain health.

Cucumber is low in calories and high in fibre which will actually help you feel more full and keeps you super hydrated throughout the day. This is just a refreshing drink to sip all day.


3. Orange, Lemon, & Lime water: Talk about a triple threat!

I feel like I was probably the only one that laughed at that but whatever. Orange, lemon, and lime are so refreshing together, and honestly so perfect for a hot summer day!

This is mainly used for an immune defence, so if you are prone to getting colds or anything like that drink this! High in vitamin C and it helps flush out your system and gives you beautiful skin! Now obviously one glass wouldn't be enough, but after a while of doing this, you will see your skin start to flourish.

Also helps you from getting scurvy, which we probably aren't at risk to get anymore, but it is just a deficiency in vitamin C... so you're welcome.

Orange, Lemon, & Lime

All righty-roo! Those are my personal favourite and go to infused waters. If you have any more that you like please comment them below or on the post that led you here, as I am always looking for more infused water ideas.

I hope you all have a lovely day!

Talk to you next time



Also if you read that in Kristin Bell's voice for Gossip Girl you are my favourite

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