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Home Organization Tips

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

Hello hello everyone!

How is everybody doing on this beautiful sunny and hot (HOT) day? Obviously I am not built for super hot weather, but it is so nice to feel the sun again! I also feel like I say this every blog post now? A new tradition!

If you follow Junella Weiss on Instagram or Facebook, you would have seen that she did a post about home organization and the importance for your space to represent you, your hosting style, and just the overall feel of your home. I thought I would pop on here and share some tips and tricks for home organization.

First and foremost for every room- DECLUTTER! I feel like it definitely goes without saying that decluttering is the first step to any good organizing time. Don't know how to start? Well Marie Kondo was right to say "Does it spark joy?". As well as, do you have anything else like it? If you do- then choose which one is better and serves a better purpose for you!

Living Room

-Coffee table with shelves, hidden or not. I know a nice sleek coffee table is visually pleasing, but having shelves or a hidden storage area is so practical and you can find nice styles that look good.

-Baskets- they are your friend, for every room that is. Put any spare blankets or pillows in one basket, and put out of control cords in another basket.

-Keep table tops and counters clutter free. Don't let anyone place anything random on top of it or else it will all pile up before you know it.


-Get a plate or a jewelry holder to get control of any and all jewelry you or your partner have. You can find cute and colourful (or neutral toned) plates for cheap at Home Sense or Marshalls!

-Make your bed everyday, and let it be the first thing you do every morning. Not only do you feel more accomplished at the start of your day, but also a made bed transforms the room to look even more tidy.

-Immediately hang up or fold your clothes. I know it sounds easy and that everyone knows it, but you would be surprised by how many people have a special place for their dirty clothes (or the freshly washed ones that you don't want to fold)


-Check all of your make up, skincare, and medicine and throw out everything that is expired! If you've had them for over a year, just get rid of it because it would be more worth it to buy something new than to use an expired item.

-Get some towel hooks to hang up your wet towels instead of letting them fall on the ground

-Use the space on top of your toilet! Yes toilets aren't the most desirable, but you can add a piece of fabric and put a candle, a nice little vase, or a plant on top!

-Find jars and fill them! Instead of using up precious limited space in your drawer, grab some jars and fill them with cotton pads, cotton swabs, make up brushes, hair tools, etc!


-Jars and labels! Like I said about the bathroom, grab some jars and fill them! You can find cute jars/containers to put in your pantry to get rid of unnecessary garbage and half empty boxes.

-Hang pots and pans from the ceiling, it frees up a cupboard and looks really good in the kitchen!

-Drawer inserts are your best friend. Take almost everything off of your counters, and find a place in the drawer insert for everything. And while you are in those drawers, throw out any old papers, and put receipts into a file folder.

Those are just a few organization tips we have for today, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled for the next one in the future!

Have a great day, put on some sunscreen, and enjoy the sunshine with friends and family :)



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