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"Nice day for a white wedding..."

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

Summer feels like it is already here! It has been so warm out in Calgary (obviously not the days it was raining) but we've already hit +30! Which has been so lovely to be able to feel after that long dragged out winter.

I was looking at 10 wedding colour scheme ideas for summer 2018 earlier, and I thought I'd share all of the ones I came across, and show you an image of inspiration of each of them so you can get an idea of the colour theme.

1. Ultra Violet & Purple

I've never heard of different shades of purple being put together, but if you paired it with forest green and some hints of gold, I feel like this could be beautiful on an overcast day.

2. Off-white & Green

Pair this with hints of light brown and pale brown and this would be so beautiful! I've seen weddings in person and in photos where they have vines in their hair and greenery used as their bouquets, and it it such a beautiful different take on the decor.

3. Champagne & Wine

I love deep colours like wine, burgundy, or navy, so this one I loved to see. Especially the contrast of the deep wine against the light champagne, will forever stay engraved in your guests memory.

4. Dark Blue & Mauve

Like I said above with the dark contrast colour against a lighter colour, it is just such a beautiful take on wedding colours and decor.

5. Vintage Red(rust) & Peach

This one I was very surprised that I liked because I would have never thought these two colours would look good together. They do however compliment each other very nicely in the end result. For this I would use the peach as the main colour along with cream or off-white, and then use the red as a hint of colour in different areas.

6. Shades of Blue

Sky blue, navy blue, pale blue, and grey look great together in this colour scheme! The grey helps take away from all of the blue, but all of the blues really compliment each other as they are not too far from each other on the colour spectrum.

7. Black, White, & Gold

This one is perfect if you are looking for a classy, Gatsby themed wedding. Or if you are feeling the more structured looking side, you could add black and white stripes to either your invitations, the men's ties, or a lovely bow on a flower girl.

8. Dusty Blue & Deep Red

Even though these two colours are traditionally used as an autumn theme, if paired with the right accent colours, they can be used in any season! I would say using a pale pink and a pale blue would look lovely with the two other colours.

9. Lavender & Lilac

Now talk about something you don't see every day! These two colours are another two that I never would have though would be paired together, but they are absolutely stunning and compliment each other very nicely. I'd say using hints of grey to offset all of the purple would truly bring the whole theme together.

Last but not least, this one is my absolute favourite!

10. Dusty Rose & Green

Not the most flattering colour pair to say out loud, but these two put together with a pale pink and a light brown are absolutely gorgeous! This is perfect for that couple that wants a more outdoorsy wedding because you can truly incorporate all of the nature and greenery around you to help bring the whole theme together.

Make sure to comment which one you love and would like to see more of this wedding season! I really hope I get to encounter the dusty rose and green just to see it come to life, but maybe I just have to get married myself to truly see it! Might take some time but I'll update y'all!

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