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Planning for a Fail: Wedding

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

Hello beautiful people!

With all of this rain that's been happening in #YYC, I couldn't help but think about all of the outdoor weddings that have been planned that are being forced inside because of the weather not cooperating; this is definitely one of the main problems that happens with weddings. From blizzards, to flooding, to maybe too much sunshine. However weather is not the only thing that can go wrong on your special day.

Listen, we've all been there. You plan for a day to go EXACTLY how you want it (need it really) to go, and about a billion problems rise up needing to be dealt with. Ask any planner out there- they have extinguished tons of fires and probably saved the day many times over! That is a bonus for having a planner, they get to deal with the nitty gritty and gross details on your day while you get to just go with the flow and hope for the best.

We are realistic though and know that not everyone hires a planner, whether it is just their own preference or their budget, so I thought I would go through some main problems that can happen on your day and how to fix them. Or at least how to deal with the stress if there is no possible way to fix them. I have dealt with and seen my fair share of problems (I accidentally dropped a wedding cake one time- in my defence it was tiny and was the third cake to be dropped in less than 48 hours so they were thankfully prepared), and it is not fun to have to think in the moment. So just sit back, relax and read, and prepare to be prepared for the worst!

*These may seem like very small things or very obvious things, but if you are not prepared, the day of will be a big stress ball and no one will think clearly. So best to be over prepared!*

1. Weather

Weather is a fascinating thing isn't it? One day it is all sunshine and roses, and the next those same roses are being tossed around by high winds and heavy rain. I've always loved storms, but not on a day where we need to set up for an outdoor wedding.

Thankfully usually the Monday before your wedding you can get a good idea of what the day will look like. I would say to check if the venue you are using has an empty room indoors (most venues will), and warn them the day before if you need it. If you are planning a winter wedding, let your guests know to dress warm, bring a blanket, and then also provide throw blankets yourself for them to share.

One little tip that may scare some of you- don't set up the night before. If you have a tent obviously you can, but if you live in Alberta you know the weather changes in a heart beat and you don't want an unexpected down pour over night to ruin the decor. You just have to wake up early the day of to set up! Not too bad right?

2. Unexpected Guests

If I had a dollar for every wedding we did that had people show up unexpected I would be insanely rich. Sometimes they forget, or think they already RSVP'd and they show up with what they think is no problem; it's just as simple as over estimating your numbers. Tell your catering company and venue to be prepared for at least 5 more people. Doesn't sound like a lot but day of you will also have guests who RSVP'd yes and couldn't make it in the end so it all balances out!

3. Technology

Ah, technology, the love and bane of my existence. It is used daily for incredible things like monitoring someone's heart rate in the hospital, or sending a loved one that is out of town a text, but it is very unpredictable at times. Make sure you have an officiant that is able to talk loud or yell, if your vows are on an iPad write them on paper as well, keep an extra CD player ready for music, and get an emcee who is ready on the fly to keep the crowd entertained if a powerpoint/video acts up.

4. Lateness

Literally every wedding is late for some reason (usually the bride and the bridal party) so plan extra time! For example, plan for at least 1.5-2 hours of getting ready time for each bridesmaid, maid-of-honour, and the bride. It sounds like a lot, but once you get a full room of women together, friends or not, they are bound to talk and get distracted. I can say that with full confidence as a woman, so have two going at each time, and find ways where they can help themselves. Easy things like foundation, blush, and mascara can be done while the make up artist helps another.

And just remember-if you are late, it's a tradition! Every one knows a wedding very rarely starts on time; so just enjoy getting ready with your group, because that time is very special to you and them before you step into this new adventure.

5. Parking

Most cases every venue has a giant parking lot, however for those quaint small town churches or downtown venues, provide a map of street parking or any nearby free/cheap parking options.

6. You or your partner are sick

This is a very rare one, but believe me it happens! A week before the wedding, even if you are not under the weather make sure to stay hydrated. Drink more water, add some lemon to your water, drink camomile tea before bed, and if it is winter time layer up! If you do happen to get sick then keep essentials like advil, nostril spray, and tissues close by. As well as drink hot water with: ginger, lemon, cayenne pepper, and honey. This will clear out anything unwanted and that cayenne pepper is sure to keep your nose unplugged!

7. Wardrobe malfunctions

We've all been there; a button falls off, a zipper gets stuck, there is loose beading, it's terrible and happens right at the worst time. Keep either a seamstress or a trusty friend near by who has a pack filled with needles and thread, a steamer, extra buttons, and the whole lot! Try on all dresses and tuxes a week before to make sure everything is all good, or if you need to make a few changes.

And lastly...

8. Kids acting up

This is going to happen; children are very unpredictable. The only thing we can say is to maybe skip the cute ring bearer (flashback to MANY lost rings) and flower girl (they all cry down the aisle), and ask your guests to have a babysitter watch the more unruly children. We have seen tantrums during the vows and literal fires started because of unpredictable children. We adore them, we truly do! Just not at weddings.

And there you go! These are the top 8 problems that have happened to most, if not all, of the weddings we have been a part of. There are definitely a lot more things that can go wrong, but just remember that communicating and over communicating is key! Yes you might annoy a vendor a little bit, but as long as you are calm while dealing with them they will understand your need to state things more than once... or twice.... or four times.

Good luck everyone! And if you have any funny stories that happened on your wedding day or at a wedding you attended, make sure to comment down below/on instagram/on facebook to let everyone enjoy a good laugh!

Have a great week everyone :)



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