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Upcoming in YYC: July

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

Welcome back everyone! Happy (belated) Canada Day, I hope you all had a safe and fun day with your friends and family.

*Photo credit to jennchanphotography on Instagram*

What did everyone get up to? I was volunteering at my church and dressed up as a Disney Princess to hang out with the kids that showed up! I mean.... who would want to pass an opportunity up to not only get to see cute little kids get so excited, but to also get to play dress up and pretend to be a Disney character for a day? It's a dream come true for me every time!

Today's blog post is about some of the upcoming events in Calgary that are happening for July! I want to do one every month to help out anyone trying to find something to do in this beautiful city every month. So you can expect a monthly update from us before the start of month so you can make plans!

These are of course not everything that is happening in July because Calgary is a busy city- but these are just a few that we think that you will enjoy the most. So take a peak, and make sure to go onto www.visitcalgary.ca for more events in July.

1. First thing first: Stampede!

July 5-14- 10 days and nights of pure joy and fun for the whole family! There is the coca-cola stage to enjoy free music but also tickets you can buy to watch big names like Tim McGraw, amazing new foods that they bring out every year, the rodeo, dog shows, the midway, and more! From start to finish there is a full day of activities you can take part of so make sure to put aside a day (or two) and get out to the Stampede.

Stampede kicks off with the parade this Friday, as well as there is Stampede breakfasts all along Calgary so make sure to check them out!

2. Floating the Bow!

Right now there is a caution about going on the bow so maybe wait for the rain to let up for a bit and check back on the Calgary website, but once you are in the clear you gotta get out there! Floating the bow is one of the best ways to spend a day. There are rafts you can rent and split the cost with friends, or you can buy one to use multiple times and just tie it to your friends rafts with some rope. Grab some snacks, a water proof speaker, some non-alcoholic drinks (alcohol is not allowed on the rivers), and some friends and get out on the river to have some fun!

3. Family Fun Friday Nights at Calaway Park

For July only, you can enjoy an extra 2 hours on Friday nights at Calaway with your family! Now you can enjoy the park from 10am-9pm for regular admission plus GST per person, or from 5pm-9pm just pay $17.95 plus GST per person to have a night out.

4. Inglewood Night Market

Inglewood Night Market is a market that occurs every second Friday in the summer months in Calgary. This started back in June 7th, so we are already a month behind so go and check it out! Each night hosts over 50 vendors selling a diverse group of items from clothes, to antiques, to home decor, and food trucks will also be there. There is also outdoor seating, live music, dancers, bands, and more to enjoy!

5. Spruce Meadows North American

Going on from July 3-July 7, Spruce Meadows is hosting a show for jumping athletes and horses. They will be honouring the Canadian Military, and will have shopping, pony rides, face painting, wagon rides, and the RE/MAX Prairie Dogs from Friday to Sunday.

6. Saturday's on 17th

This started back in June, but doesn't end until July 27! There is one more movie night at Tompkins Park, it is on July 6th and the movie is Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. There is also live music, games, and giveaways all at Tompkins Park.

7. Zero Waste Festival

This is Alberta's FIRST Zero Waste Festival. It is on July 20 and you can learn about sustainable living, meet others who live a zero waste life, and connect with zero waste companies.

8. Cultural Festivals

On July 19-21 you can go to the Latin Festival that showcases Calgary's Latin community and the vitality of various Latin American heritages.

On July 19-21 there is a Turkish Festival with free admission! You can buy handmade Turkish products, souvenirs and handcrafts. You can also enjoy classic Turkish cuisine from kebabs to pastries!

On July 27-28, these is also an Arab festival! This annual festival is to share the Arabian culture, and to build the relationship between the Arab community and the other Calgarian communities.

These are amazing shows that show the multiculturalism in Calgary here so go check these out!

9. Music in the Plaza at Heritage Park

FREE music every Wednesday at the plaza in Heritage Park throughout July and August starting July 3 and goes to August 28. Rain or shine these music shows will happen, if it does rain than the show will be held in Gasoline Alley. Grab a blanket, pack a picnic or grab food at the cafe there, and bring some people to enjoy 2 hours of music from 6pm-8pm.

10. Food Bike Tour

July 21st from 10am-4pm, enjoy a fun way to learn the art of cooking from some of the city's top chefs. Bike rentals are optional, or you can bring your own bike! Enjoy different samples of meals (included in price) from 5 different locations. There is customization tours available for groups of 8 or more.

What are you most excited about? We cannot wait to partake in as many things as we can this summer, going to be a great one!

Have a great week, and I will see you here next time!



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