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Weddings Trends to Look Out For: 2019

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

Happy love month everyone! I figured February would be a great month to write about the weddings trends to look for in 2019, since it is love month after all! I realize I'm not married but enjoy a photo of me at a wedding this past summer enjoying the hot weather.

Also- how cute is this chapel?! I love the rustic chic look it has to it, the cutest little chapel to get married in on a summer's day. It wasn't on any of the lists but I would definitely say my all time forever favourite trend for a wedding is to let the venue speak for itself. Most weddings I've been to have had little decor, but for good reason! I'm all for getting a venue that is already cute and fits the theme so that you have one less thing to worry about on your wedding day.

I realized I never did a winter wedding trends blog post (which I definitely meant to) and winter will be done in about a month, but I'll probably integrate the two (winter trends and 2019 trends). There's only one that really stood out or was different from other years, so I'll just tell you about that one.

So let's start with my favourite Winter 2019 trend:

Mirrors With Calligraphy

This can obviously be used year round, but I noticed it was used more this winter than past years. I think this is such a simple, but also a classy, decor item anyone can add to their wedding day! I went to a friend's wedding this past November and they had calligraphy throughout their wedding and I fell in love. It has a romantic and dainty way about it that just makes me feel good on the inside. Might not have the same effect on everyone, but I love weddings so being able to see these in person and in photos makes me happy, and also makes my heart tingle.

2019 Trends to Watch For:

Simple but Elegant Wedding Dresses

I mean... naturally I had to use Meghan Markle as an example, she's essentially the one who created this new trend! Obviously they were married last spring, but newly engaged brides or someone about to get engaged would have been inspired by this and gotten this style for their 2019 wedding. I'm not going to lie... I still love Kate's dress better than Meghan's, but that's only because I have a soft spot for lace. I have to admit though Meghan looks absolutely stunning in this dress, and is truly a vision of elegance and is glowing on her day. I personally believe everyone can pull off a sleek, straight, simple wedding dress, but just make sure to tailor it to your body and find the right cut.

Coral Colours

Pantone has announced that Living Coral is the colour of the year, and isn't she a beaut?! Such a beautiful, vibrant colour to add some pizzazz to your wedding. Of course you don't need to go all out like the photo above to make an impact, even just your bouquet, or your bridesmaids dresses will create that nice colour story for your wedding.

Three-Piece Suits for Grooms

What a better way to make the groom stand out more than to have a fitted three-piece suit on only him? Brides always look different from their bridal team, but unfortunately the groom sometimes tends to lend with his team if he wears almost the exact same thing. I've always loved the look of a vest under a jacket, but have it just for your groom and then no vest for the best man and groomsmen. To become more chill and causal during the reception and dance, he can take off the jacket, roll up his sleeves, and automatically look like James Bond from the movies.

Banquet Tables

I feel like this trend looks very regal, and very elegant, just like photos you see from any royal dinner party. This also looks beautiful when you switch out a classic centre piece for low laying florals. I also feel like this takes up better space than round tables; I've been there where you have to try to lay out round tables and almost every time it doesn't work out nicely. Add some tall candles and you've got a beautiful table setting!

Scenting Your Wedding

Whether you have these lit around the room during the ceremony/reception, or you put them in a baggie as a gift for your guests to take home, I think this is such a cute idea to have a specific scent represent your day. There's times where I'll smell a candle (especially Christmas ones) and I'll remember either a certain house, or I'll be reminded of a specific time when it is lit up and I instantly become nostalgic. With a scented candle, you can keep them in your home to remind yourself how magical your wedding day was. As well as when your guests smell it, they will also be transported back to that day and get all of those lovey dovey feelings again! Or if you fancy being a bit extra, get a customized perfume for the day and keep it for forever!

That is of course not the only trends for this year, but these are the ones that truly stuck out to me. Comment either down below or on facebook/instagram which one you look forward to seeing this year!

I think my personal favourite is the banquet tables! So many new ways to decorate a banquet table to class it up and make it a memorable decor piece for your guests.

Have a great week everyone! See you back here next time :)



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