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10 Instagrams for Small Business Inspiration

Welcome back everyone! I hope you all had a lovely week and weekend since we were last here. This past weekend in #yyc was absolutely beautiful; the weather was warm but not too warm, and again I was able to spend it with family and loved ones, which is always the best weekend!

Let's get right into today's blog post though! Last week's was a bit longer than I normally post, so I'll give you eyes a break this week. I am telling you 10 instagrams that I either love or think other people will love, that will help your small business feel motivated and also they will give tips and tricks! I have a wide array of instagrams to choose from, so no matter what kind of business owner you are, you are sure to find at least one that you will love and find value in.

1. Gary Vaynerchuk @garyvee

Gary does have a bit of a crude language (swears quite a bit), but if that's the sort of thing mixed with business advice that revs you up than this is your guy! He tells it like it is, does not sugar coat anything, and is always 100% to the point. Has many, many videos on his profile of him talking about business in general or a specific question asked by someone.

2. @business2success

Tons of inspirational quotes, sayings, statistics, as well as videos from famous entrepreneurs that have come from nothing and needed to start from scratch. The simple colours and text in their photos make them very pleasing to the eye, and super eye catching.


Yes this does say boss babe, but even though it is directed mainly towards women, there are amazing sayings posted almost everyday that will help you see yourself and your situation in a different light. Their sayings aren't the basic ones you see on pinterest, they are specific and really help you see the light.They also have free online training every once in a while, to make sure you stay on budget but also learn valuable lessons.

4. Jessica Alba @honest and @honest_beauty

Model, turned actress, turned mom, turned business woman? That's right! Jessica Alba is basically Mother Theresa (kidding... but she's amazing), and she first created her Honest company to help momma's and their little new ones live a healthy life. The instagram posts things from healthy products, to inspirational/funny quotes, to cute babies! How perfect is that? You don't need to be a parent or a mother specifically, as neither I still find great value in learning about it for the future, as well as for the parents in my life!

5. Grant Cardone @grantcardone

If you love fitness, travel, and inspirational videos, Grant is your guy! He, like Gary but without the swearing, gets down to the nitty gritty and says the truth. He loves to call out fake people who try to be something they are not, while also showing everyone what it means to be a hard working entrepreneur.

6. Manny Khoshbin @mannykhoshbin

He came to America at 14 years old barely speaking english, and now he is known for real estate and being a multi-million dollar entrepreneur. You will sure love his feed if you love cars, cigars, and working out! He loves to post pictures of his or other people's cars as well with some inspirational quotes sprinkled in.

7. Brit Morin @britandco

Beautiful colours on every post, every time you see one of the photos on your feed, you will instantly feel happy and energized just by the colours that are in it! Great inspirational quotes and lifestyle photos, Brit Morin started her insta as a small blogger and is now out there encouraging, educating, and entertaining woman of all ages.

8. Richard Branson @richardbranson

This founder of Virgin is super laid back and loves to show his wild side with his travels and his style. His main motto is "Tie loathing adventurer and thrill seeker, who believes in turning ideas into realities", definitely sums him up perfectly in one little quote!

9. Ellen DeGeneres @theellenshow

Most likely you've heard of her with her 16 seasons of her talk show, but Ellen DeGeneres is known for posting not only funny videos, but also heart felt videos. I mean, the word generous is literally said in her name, so it's not surprise she loves to share her love by helping out families, but she also posts some funny celebrity and kid videos to help brighten up your day.

10. Elise Hodge @sheislight

'Tools and resources to help women life with purpose', is all about what this instagram is about. With their soft coloured backgrounds and beautiful quotes, this instagram is bound to make any Christian woman motivated to live the life God created for her. Not only are the inspirational quotes just that, but they always are featured with a caption that will make you feel like you can conquer the world.

That is the end of this blog post! If any of these resonate with you please comment either down below, on facebook, or on instagram so we know it helped. And if you have any more favourite accounts let us know as well!

We will for sure be doing posts like this every once in a while, but until then, have a great week! We have our Upcoming in YYC: September next week so keep your eyes peeled!



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