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Upcoming in YYC: September

Welcome back everyone! Another busy weekend in the books-I feel like I say this every blog post, but the summer is always a regular week and then super busy weekends, which is always a great time! I was meant to go on a hike with a friend, and then we ended up just going for brunch and mimosas so that didn't work out the way we thought. Although in our defence we walked from downtown (Telus parking centre too be more specific) all the way to Kensington and back which is a 40 minute walk one way, so we got our steps in still! And then had my mom's birthday dinner with the family on Sunday which was very lovely :)

But anyways! Going to try and shorten my intros more, so let's get into the September edition of the upcoming in YYC series! Autumn is my favourite time of year (yes I am very basic so it's on brand. LOVE PSL, LOVE the colours, and especially LOVE darker lipsticks), and I'm so excited to get into it!

Calgary Pride: August 23-September 2 Calgary is celebrating their 28th annual pride! There are parties, parades, concerts, plays, history walks, panel discussions, so make sure to catch the end of it if you can! (If you went to this event, let us know how it was!)

Calaway Park: From September 7-October 13 you can take a stroll through Hallotown with your family! As well as they have the Boo Crew Costumer Party on September 14-15 so make sure to dress to impress!

Circle: The Traveling Food, Beer, and Music Carnival: On September 13-14 this carnival takes place, and honestly the title doesn't do it justice! On the Friday from 4-10pm is the adults only night, and then the Saturday is fun for the whole family. There are 2 stages for performers and DJ's, food trucks, and there's a kid's stage for the little ones!

Railway Days at Heritage Park: September 28-29, hop aboard to learn all about trains! There are demonstrations, hands on activities, and exciting exhibits. So if you know anyone who loves trains this is a perfect event for them!

Food Tours: If you did not know, there is a ton of food tours all around Calgary and Calgary area going on from May-October, so make sure to check them out! Here are dates and what they are:

-Sunday Brunch and Calgary Farmers Market: April 28-November 24

-Craving Kensington Tour: May 2-October 3

-Savour 17th Ave SW Tour: May 4-October 6

-Canmore Tasting Trail Tour: April 27-October 5

-Inglewood Edibles-Made by Mavericks: May 9-October 10

Cirque Du Soleil: Luzia: This amazing show has been on since August 16 and continues on until September 22. They take you to an imaginary Mexico, and I have seen the Allegeria and I can attest that Cirque Du Soleil does not ever disappoint, so make sure you go out and grab tickets!

A Country Star is Born: August 3- October 12, if you love food, music, theatre, and laughing till you cry you will love basically anything that Jubilations Theatre puts on! The Mamma Mio show was phenomenal and so is this one.

Ghost Tours at Heritage Park: September 11-October 16, is an exclusive look behind the charm of Heritage Park, tickets also come with a free hot beverage and 10% off at the Selkirk Grille the day that you go!

Oktoberfest: September 27-29 join Calgary for their annual 3 day Oktoberfest. There are pretzels from Munich, music, authentic Bavarian food, German beer, a German market, and much more! Grab a couple friends, get your appetite, and head on down!

Calgary Hitmen Opener Game: Hitmen hockey is back for their 25th year on September 27, so don't miss this home game opener. Tickets are only $9.99 for kids and start at $24.99 for adults... how amazing is that?! Starting at 7:00pm, grab the family, and go cheer on the Calgary Hitmen!

Sorry about this blog post being a little bit later than I usually post for the Upcoming in YYC series, last week was a little busy but y'all still had to hear about the events! Just like I always say, this is definitely not a complete list of what is coming up in Calgary, so check out to see some more of the events coming up.

Have a great week everyone, and we will see you back here next week for another blog post! As well, if you have any specific things you'd like us to write a blog post about, so that we can help you in more specific areas.

See ya next time!



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