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Why Should You Care?

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

Hello everyone! How was everyone's long weekend?

There wasn't too much on the agenda for us, but we did get to check out a couple local Calgary bands at Cafe Gravity. If you haven't checked out Gravity yet- what are you waiting for?! It is one of our favourite coffee shops for all occasions- work event, relaxation, studying, client meetings, and to check out bands. The bands that we listened to were I Am The Mountain (IATM) and John Lost & The Cause. They both have instagram but only IATM has music available on Spotify, Apple Music, and iTunes so go check them out!

Anyways! I wanted to write this blog post just in case anyone is confused about what we do. We will be the first to admit that we have a lot going on- trust me, we know.

First and foremost we are an event planning company and always will be; that is how we started and how we are known. We love events of all types! There's nothing more pleasing than when we can see it all done; having someone's day be made special is very rewarding for us. Does it always go according to plan? Almost never; but at the end of the day that stress goes away when someone has all of the memories to look back on.

Now where we came up with everything else is because we realized NO ONE else does this! No one does EVERYTHING you need for an event. The owner of Event-Full Elements (Junella) was working an event one day and she noticed a guy kept bringing in promotional products to give away in a swag bag, and then gift baskets for door prize and he made a joke about how he wished he could just get it all at a one stop shop (not his exact words but I like the flare of it).

Junella had done promotional products back in Saskatchewan before moving to Alberta and wanted to get back into it. The idea of being able to personalize something is amazing, and it works as the best marketing tool out there! And then gift baskets came along when she loved the idea of door prizes, or just giving a special someone a special gift that says you are valued.

From there everything just kind of pieced itself together, and now we are an event planning company that provides all of your event needs. You need t-shirts for your slogan to be featured at your event? We got it. You need a special little gift personalized for your bridesmaids who went through hell and back to create less stress for you? We got it. You need your home organized for a party but have zero time? We got you. You need a radio show with tips about events? We got you. We always got you covered.

We have it all for your event's needs. It's as simple as that.



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