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2018 Wedding Trends I Love

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

Happy Thursday(or whatever day you are reading this)!

2018 has been a great year so far, especially for wedding decor! There is so many different styles and colour palette's I've never thought would work together, but they look absolutely gorgeous. I have been seeing a lot of wedding posts and seeing a lot of interesting (but cool) decor touches that have been made in 2018.

Now obviously these decor pieces have been used in the past for something, but looking around, 2018 has been the year for them. So, I thought that I would talk about some of my favourite trends/decor pieces that I've seen, and maybe if you are getting married soon you can see new ideas! We will go from my favourite to my MOST favourite down at the bottom.

*Disclaimer: I did not take any of these photos. Nor do I know who did because I grabbed them from google images.*

Starting with my fifth favourite, which is using potted plants as aisle decor.

Naturally people have been using these for years, however I haven't seen it become more popular until this year! I love the different way to do an aisle runner type thing, because usually you see a vase either filled with a candle or with flowers, but seeing actually potted plants is so beautiful and unique. First of all, I have seen numerous times where children (and the occasional adult) have knocked over the glass vases and spilt the water everywhere, broke the vase, or the candle putting fire to something that dangles inside. Second of all, you can dress up the pot if it's ugly! Using just a little bit of ribbon or plants that hang over and cover it can do the job.

My fourth favourite is velvet touches.

I've always loved velvet dresses and velvet coats for the bride, but when it comes to velvet at weddings that's typically where it stops. Obviously it's a very bold fabric so too much might not look the greatest, but simple touches like ribbon around cutlery, vow books, and bouquets are lovely. 2017 was definitely the year that velvet made a comeback, but I'm so glad to see it coming into wedding decor this year!

My third favourite is dark, moody colour schemes.

Of course in fall and winter these darker colours are usually used, but this year even spring and summer weddings are bringing light to these beautiful themes! I fell in love with dark colours in summer a couple years ago, and I just love the contrast, especially if you have pale dresses, it really stands out and makes a great statement.

My second favourite is living bars/stands/tables.

How perfect does this look? It adds such a lovely, simple pop of texture and style to a wedding or event. I didn't upload a photo of it, but I especially love it when either the ceremony or reception is indoors at a venue that has a lot of glass, it's almost as if it's a giant vase filled with plants and flowers. I know that's a weird way to look at it, but it's still such a beautiful touch for a wedding! And this can also be done as a cheap DIY. Simply take foam, grab some vegetation from the dollar store or a craft store, put a cute sign on it, and voila! You have a beautiful statement piece that people will be talking about for a while and you can reuse it later if you use fake plants.

And last but not least... my favourite is neon signs!

Like honestly, this is just such a cute pop of something different! I've never seen this personally at a wedding, but when I looked it up it looked quite popular. I seriously love this, having a small neon sign surrounded by plants or a plant wall is just so amazing I could stare at it all day. It can be quite tricky to photograph though, so if you do have this at your wedding maybe warn your photographer just in case they have never used neon in a shot before. It will all be worth it though because the photos turn out gorge and your wedding will have a fun little element.

There were definitely more trends this year that I thought looked beautiful or amazing, but these 5 really stuck out to me.

Hope you all have an amazing day! And make sure to check back in the future for any future posts, or read some of my older posts.



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