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2019: The Year of Uncomfortable

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

Happy New Year everyone! Wow- it has been a while huh? Christmas is usually a busy time for people and companies all around, but I hope you had great holidays, eating fantastic food with your family and friends!

I wanted to write a blog post about New Years Resolutions... or rather goals since I don't technically go by "resolutions" to be specific. I set goals for myself that I want to accomplish throughout the year and thought I would share a few with you!

My 2019 goals are:

- Read at least 2 books per month. I love reading, but for some reason after getting out of school I haven't been the avid book reader I used to be; so I want to find that passion again!

-Be somewhat fluent in french by the start of 2020. I took french in high school, and have been learning here and there on my own through Duolingo, but I am going to stick with it this year.

-Run in some sort of a race this year! Whether it's a chill one like the colour run, or a more intense one like a half marathon, I would love to have my cardio good enough to survive a run.

And my last two that I will share are a bit more intense and involves others. I am wanting to become more mindful of the people around me and my impact in their life; not to say that I'm not already sort of aware, but as a human I still make mistakes and can always improve how I treat people on a daily basis.

And the last one is to be more uncomfortable. I wanted to title this blog post The Year of Uncomfortable because being uncomfortable (to an extent) is a great way to push ourselves! It's uncomfortable to go meet new people. It's uncomfortable to take the leap and decide to go back to school after years of not being in school. It's uncomfortable to put yourself and your heart into a company that is new to you. All new things are uncomfortable to start with, but after a while you look back and wonder why you didn't do it earlier!

Uncomfortable is a place where new technology is made, where new ideas and concepts for a product is put out into the world. It is where someone finally decides to ask that girl or guy for a coffee after months (or years, not judging) of pining. Uncomfortable is where growth is made.

So I challenge everyone reading this, make 2019 your year of uncomfortable, with me! If you want, comment either down below, on the instagram photo, on the facebook photo, what uncomfortable thing you want to accomplish this year. I'm not saying to go beyond what you can handle and just throw it to the wind doing something dangerous, but something that is just a step forward from what you are doing now.

One of my uncomfortable things is to meet new people and be more open to new friendships. I'm a very private person and I also get nervous talking to new people so I've let those both hold me back! It doesn't take a lot though to just be nice to someone, especially if it is there first time being in a place you consider home, like a fitness club or a church!

And something I used to be uncomfortable about and now not as much, starting a blog, putting my name on said blog, and also sending that blog out into the world to be read by strangers and friends.

If you have any different goals for this year, let me know in a comment or message! We would love to hear from you.



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