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Fall 2018 Wedding Trends

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

Even though it has felt like fall for all of September so far, autumn is now officially here! This is my favourite time of year, and when I eventually get married most likely it will be in autumn. The colour schemes, the weather, the scenery, everything about autumn weddings are just beautiful. It also symbolizes shedding the old and getting ready for the new, which when you get married it is literally (but not literally) shedding the old single you, and getting ready to be a new person in a marriage ( lol I may be trying to take symbolism too far in that), but it still works right?

I did one of these posts back in the summer about 2018 summer wedding trends, so it only made sense that I would do one for autumn!

If you are getting married this autumn obviously you might not be able to change some things, but these are just my favourite for this season for us to reflect on, and maybe give some inspiration for 2019 autumn weddings! Some of these ideas are small little details though that can be easily incorporated in you would like.

1. Fruit decor.

Yes you read that right, fruit as decor. Not like an "apple bobbing station" but just subtle touches of fall coloured fruit. In this photo you can see pomegranate and pear, but oranges can work nicely as well as plums, deeper toned figs, grapes, and any ochre hued fruit!

You'll see more inspiration in the next photo of what you can do with fruit as a decor, which features more darker colours and a (somewhat) cuter way to incorporate this fun decor piece.

2. "Naked" Cake

As you can see above we did not mean like naked figurines on a wedding cake, but a cake that is lightly frosted so it shows some of the actual cake. I love the look of these because they are a great new take on a minimalistic wedding, and add such a classy little touch to any wedding or event. Also the touch of the fruit and foliage is perfect for a little splash of colour!

This is also the perfect cake for those people who are not a fan of frosting. I for one can not handle a cake decked out with layers of frosting, but with the naked cakes you get just enough frosting that adds the (in my opinion) perfect amount of frosting. Now obviously you are in danger of your cake drying out faster since it's more exposed, but as long as it is properly stored you should have no problem! Just make sure to talk to the bakery for instructions.

3. Victorian Style

Royals are not the only ones who are allowed to play around with Victorian inspired weddings! You don't have to go to such an extent of going to a castle and getting photos, even just simple touches like a parasol, lace gloves, or finding some cool portraits to pose in front of are beautiful. Having a dress as well that incorporates the higher necklines, long sleeves, and extravagant trains are also a beautiful touch to this theme.

4. Bare Boned Tables

Having seen so many weddings, we've had our fair share of white, gold, black, pink, etc, tables cloths get ruined. Yes with bare boned tables you have to be careful of the actual table, but if you are able to find a beautiful venue that showcases beautiful wooden walls, just slap some foliage on the walls and some dark wooden tables and call it a day! With the right decor you can have it either rustic chic, or modern minimalism, even without the use of a barn! Another idea is to use exposed brick as your background, it adds a flare and sophistication to any wedding or event.

Let's also talk about foliage for a hot second- I love foliage. It's so simple and it doesn't matter if you use real or fake, it all looks the same! Adding a touch of green to a space transforms it into a beautiful area, and makes for a great photo op. I especially love it against a dark wood, it creates a great "moody" and mysterious theme, and instead of finding flowers at a wedding, greenery is a great surprise.

I hope you all have a lovely day and that if you are planning a wedding right now you were able to take some inspiration from this post!

I will talk to you all next time



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