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Radio Show Announcement

Welcome back everyone!

Hope you all had a great weekend, this weekend flew by quickly; it was packed with events and fun! I attended a wedding and then also the first Christmas party of the season which I loved, because I love all things weddings and Christmas.

Anyways! If you have seen our home page you know that the radio show is finally starting up! Next Monday, November 26, we will have our first radio listening show. This one will be more casual with very little structure as we want you to get more acquainted with us, our personalities, our opinions, and to just have fun with it!

You will be hearing from the hosts, which will be myself (you get to finally hear the voice behind the words!) and Junella Weiss, the main owner of Event-Full Elements, and possibly a couple barks or noises from our mascots (Pongo & Yuki).

Now obviously we are not OG radio talk people, so if you hear our mental brain stalls, keep with it as we will get into the groove very quickly! We do have a natural banter though so hopefully everyone will enjoy that and be able to see more behind the scenes of how we think!

I used to never be a "Podcast" type listener, I am a very visual person so listening to something while either sitting down and doing nothing or while being preoccupied with a project used to be really hard for me. However it really helps pass the time if you have simple tasks that need to be done and you want a little bit of entertainment that doesn't need to be constantly watched. With that being said, I talk a lot! So I'm excited to get to share everything pent up in my brain, and Junella and I are kind of similar in that way so there should never be a dull moment!

Even though we are doing a little bit of an unstructured episode for the first bit, if any of you have questions please feel free to either send us a message or drop a comment on any of our pages and instagram page! We'd love to hear feedback as well.

I hope you all have a great week.

Get excited for next week though! More details will come later as to how to listen to it.


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